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Ultraviolet (UV) water filtration system is the most efficient method for disinfecting biological contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and other different microorganisms from the water. UV water purifier utilize special light source mounted before the flow chamber through which water passes. This light source transmits UV beams of a specific wavelength which penetrates the harmful substances in w
Ultraviolet water filtration is a very effective method of purifying water. It eliminates virus, bacteria and cysts from water. It also destroy harmful micro organisms and other pathogens without changing the taste or odor of water. It is an efficacious method which makes water pure and safe for consumption. UV technology can also be used in case where water’s TDS level is low because it can remo
In spite of the fact that tap water we use at home and office undergo different purifying systems, still it contains a few toxins and chemicals which should be treated with the help of water purifier. After all getting pure drinking water is an absolute necessity for everybody. Because of escalation in water pollution, the rate of water-borne diseases is on the rise because of which water purifie
Water Purifiers don't come cheap. However, they have turned into a need. We can make them affordable to use by doing their maintenance at normal intervals.
Servicing of water purifier is an absolute necessity else it won't work properly. We all realize that tap water contains polluting influences and microorganisms which are dealt with through water purifiers thus these purifiers should be taken
Natural products like fruits are a superb and rich source of vitamins and minerals which help in decreasing weight as well as are exceptionally prescribed for maintaining our good health. So eating fruit products at the correct time and in the correct way is very important for the medical advantages. The best time to eat fruit products is in the morning, ideally on a empty stomach or a hour prior
The water which tastes or smells terrible and leaves stains on sinks, bathtubs and dishes is likely hard water. The minerals present in hard water stops up the pipes installations and shorten the life of appliances like washing machines, dishwashers etc. The scale deposit on machines diminishes their proficiency and cost you money as more power utilization and maintenance charges. Thanks to water
Water assumes to be a fundamental part in removing poisons from the body and keep you looking healthy and excellent. A normal person requires 10-12 glasses of liquids in a day including water, juices, fruits and vegetables, tea and coffee. But, water is the best source to keep our body hydrated as we lose liquids for the duration of the day. Drinking satisfactory amount of water is insufficient b
Because of change in environmental condition the pollution is increasing at such a quick pace, to the point that the worldwide temperature is taking off high and the climate conditions are becoming worse. The burning beams of sun are extremely unsafe for youngsters and elderly individuals as it might cause issues like dehydration and warm stroke. Although beverages are brief refreshments however
Oxidation reduction potential (ORP)
Oxidation reduction potential otherwise called Redox potential is a parameter which measures the nature of water. It demonstrates the capacity of the substance to lessen or oxidize another substance. Read more....
We as a whole realize that it is vital to drink water to keep ourselves hydrated. Other than hydration, consuming water has different advantages excessively like to control body temperature, prevent constipation, promotes digestion, flush out poisons etc. But don’t forget to drink suitable amount of water as any overabundance may cause over hydration and can prompt genuine health conditions.
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